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Lot's of complaints... while I may not update this "what's new" list with *all* the latest details, my blog is active, so keep checking my blog (and my Flickr page) for ALL updates.
Lot's going on. Many events recently, many new pictures and the first term (Michaelmas) is alsomost over. Hopefully more time to blog again, but for now at least many new pictures are up. And from next week on I'll be back in Germany for 4 weeks!!!
4 weeks and the first post. There's no excuse for such a delay. Now eventually, 4 weeks after arriving in Cambridge the blog has its first entry and I have even added some pictures. Still, shame on me for taking so long.
Welcome to the Website of enlightning 
Welcome to my private place in the web. Be my guest.
On this site you shall find pictures and thoughts which are not very interesting for 99.9% of the world population but there are a few people out there (I hope) who do appreciate this site and this site is dedicated to those people.

For those who know me, please come back often to check out new pictures or new blog postings.
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